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About Karen La Rosa & La RosaWorks

A number of years ago I took a bike tour of Sicily. At one point, riding alone and completely surrounded by olives, I dismounted and sank my hands deep into the warm earth. It was rocky but soft, and tenderly cared for. It was an incredible moment and I began to have a real sense of place. In that pile of earth was Sicilian history, generations of olive growing, labor and obstacles. Rich indeed.

I started La RosaWorks to keep that feeling alive while sharing what I learned, what I saw and what I felt on that trip and those that followed. Sicily is a treasure of an island, below the radar screen of too many travelers. Images created by the news don't often reflect the proud heart, the natural beauty, and the generosity of the Sicilian people. They neglect to cite their extraordinary hospitality, the varied attractions and activities that await tourists. I hope to lead curious travelers to the island of Sicily and highlight its particularly rich offerings - music, art, literature, history and, oh, that food and wine!

About Karen

Curriculum Vitae

  • Times of Sicily:
  • New York Choral Society:
    Membership Chair and Member of the Board of Trustees, 1st Alto, 7 years
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art:
    Special projects, Education Department
    President of Doing Art Together public school art outreach program, 15 years
  • Primary Stages:
    Trustee Emeritus
  • The Calhoun School:
    Capital Campaign Chair, Vice-Chair, Board of Trustees, 8 years
  • Columbia University:
    Graduate Coursework
  • New York University:
    BS Finance

“Do you know what our life is?
Yours and mine?
A dream made in Sicily
Perhaps we are still there and
We are dreaming.”
Leonardo Sciascia


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Interviewed recently by Pink Pangea, Karen talks about turning her passion for Sicily into her profession.

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Member, American Society of Travel Agents

Member of American Society of Travel Agents

Certified Italian Wine Specialist

Near the Fontana Aretusa in Ortygia.

Near the Fontana Aretusa in Ortygia.

On the Egadi Island of Levanzo, the views of the sea are exquisite.

On the Egadi Island of Levanzo, the views of the sea are exquisite.

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