Art Residencies in Sicily, Italy

Art Residencies in Sicily

This list is by no means complete. Creativity is dynamic and things change as often as ideas are born. It is an attempt to steer artists in all art media to the opportunities that lie in Sicily. Sicily is a spectacular setting for anyone interested in art, with a rich palette of experiences and colors year round, generous hospitality, delicious food and wine, and at a value relative to other areas of Europe.

I invite additions to this page. Please contact me for residency opportunities in Sicily in all the Arts.

Left:Villa Palagonia (pen and ink), a gift from artist Jane Irish.
Ms. Irish is part of Due South, a bi-cultural art project between Sicily and America.

Art Residency Opportunities in Sicily


Palazzolo Acreide
Director: Claudia Cannizzaro
Co-Director and Chef Turi Scalora

Akrai is an international multidisciplinary arts residency program on the island of Sicily, with a strong emphasis on interaction with the local community and collaboration among peers. Akrai’s mission is to nurture the arts by offering creative individuals an opportunity to develop new work in a stimulating environment. Akrai seeks to offer a platform for a better understanding of the rich and complex heritage of Sicily—with its layers of history and tradition and multifaceted contemporary issues—by facilitating a cultural exchange between the local community and artists from across the world. At the local level, Akrai aims to forge new connections between the surrounding community and the contemporary arts, encouraging community members to become active participants in the cultural dialogue.

Akrai Residency takes place in the beautiful Baroque town of Palazzolo Acreide. A small town in Hybleans Mountains, in the eastern part of Sicily, Palazzolo was founded in 664 BC by the Siracusans with the name of Akrai (Greek) or Acrae (Latin). Situated 43 km from Siracusa, and at 700 meters from the sea level, Palazzolo Acreide has one the best-preserved ancient Greek theaters in Europe. An UNESCO World Heritage Site, Palazzolo is one-hour drive from Catania’s international airport, and two hours drive to Mount Etna, the biggest active volcano in Europe.


Part of Resartists Network -

This is a one week artist run residency program based in the lovely port city Milazzo, located in a converted farmhouse with barns and stables, parts of which date back to the 18th century. Surrounded by orchards and farmland, Milazzo is where ferries for the Aeolian Islands depart.

The program provides an opportunity to refocus and develop work in a peaceful environment and also exchange ideas and creative approaches with fellow artists. The residency accepts 5-10 artists at one time.

This residency program aims to open up opportunities for collaborations and lasting friendships with like-minded people within various disciplines of artistic practice.  It enables new connections and networking. It offers opportunities to exhibit during and after residencies with open studios during the artist’s stay and open-air art events in Milazzo, hoping to involve and draw inspiration from the local community. It enables creative cultural exchanges involving local artist/students in the form of discussions, demonstrations, and skills sharing workshops. It runs specialized workshops, in various media, with invited special guests.

Disciplines and media include: Architecture, Visual Art, Sculpture, Ceramics, Printmaking, Textile Art, Film Making, Animation, Music, Theatre, Performing Arts, Literature, and Music.

CHSOS – Cultural Heritage Science Open Source

Scientific Examination for Works of Art for Authentication, Conservation, and Documentation

These are not fine art residency programs, but programs well worth writing about for what they have to offer to international artists, art students, museum scholars, and scientists. CHSOS disseminates innovative, affordable and sustainable methodologies for art documentation and examination. The programs offer art professionals an opportunity to delve into the newest techniques for art and archeology with diverse training programs, both in Sicily and on site in various locations.  CHSOS is directed by Dr. Antonio Cosentino, PhD Physics scientist with a passion for art and archeology and a history of consulting with the world’s finest museums.

Favara Art Park


This is a cultural center in a town for the new generation, oriented to presenting contemporary art and innovation, in an innovative way. It is located not far from the Valley of the Temples, in the heart of the historical center of Favara, a neighborhood called "The seven courtyards." This name refers to the urban structure, characterized by seven small courts inhabited by exhibitions and installations. Farm Cultural Park's objective is to become the second tourist destination in the province of Agrigento, after the Valley of the Temples. Here you will find workshops, artisan shops, exhibits, and even cooking classes.

Fondazione Brodbeck


This residency is by invitation only. It is included because the Foundation and its collection is important.

The Foundation initiated the artist residency in 2009. The recovery and renovation of a 19th century industrial building in the historic and former working-class district of Catania, and its transformation into a space for art, is the backdrop for this residency supported by the Brodbeck Foundation. Here, artists can live and work, even on large scale productions and come into close contact with the social, cultural, and artistic reality of this “volcanic” Sicilian city.

The residences are offered by invitation only and give artists the opportunity to understand the aims and activities of the Foundation as a whole. After initiation, the artist develops a personal project specifically for the gallery spaces of the Foundation. The residency lasts for roughly a month, during which time the artist, assisted by the Foundation, is introduced to the area and carries out the project ending with a solo exhibition. The artist is encouraged to interact with the city, and collaborate with students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania that are involved in the implementation of projects through workshops and seminars.

Graniti Murales


The very popular project offers residencies to national and international artists in Graniti to create their individual works on facades, walls, etc. in this Sicilian town. Works will remain for at least 6 months.

Mandranova Artist Residency

Palma di Montechiaro, Agrigento

Mandranova farm and resort is located on the hills of Palma di Montechiaro in the province of Agrigento, just a few kilometers from the archaeological site of the Valley of the Temples and the sea. This agriturismo offers two residency programs in the months of May/June and September/October dedicated to international mid-career artists. The project, curated by Maria Chiara Vlachs, promotes research and study in a territory full of valuable environmental landscapes and historical architecture as well as fostering new productions in the field of visual arts and promoting the exchange between artists and territory.

This initiative is based at the Mandranova headquarters where the selected artist is offered a one month stay to realize their own site-specific projects. In support of the hospitality program, a print publication will be dedicated to every experience as well as an online system for updates, in which artists "in residence" will be free to disclose relevant steps of their daily work. Mandranova In Residence is proposed as a specific curatorial project for the territory that aims to foster the creation of a network from global to local and vice versa facilitating dialogue ideas, different practices and models.

M.A.R. - Modulo A Residenza

Ortigia, Siracusa

Modulo A Residenza was created in Ortigia, Siracusa's historic district. The idea was to regenerate an old and popular building to be used as a location for artist residencies and research; a place in which to live, research, and experiment, and to enhance and raise awareness of art, photography, and contemporary cultural research. M.A.R. was born to offer hospitality and refuge for reflection and abstraction culminating in exhibition projects and devices that give back to the Island of Sicily.

Nake Residenza Artistica

Sant’Alfio, Mount Etna area (Italian) (English)
Director: Nilla Zaira D’Urso

Nake is the first artistic residence on Mount Etna and was created to welcome artists and academics from all over the world. It is a fascinating and special place where you can breathe the heart and soul of the land that Homer described as “The Island of the Sun”.

The residence is open to hosting residency projects sponsored by both private and public cultural authorities from all over the world. Artists, writers, and academics interested in sojourning at the residence should visit the website to get more information.

Officina Stamperia del Notaio


Founded by Serena Perrone and Alfonsina Bellomo, this is a small artist residency and printmaking studio. The aim of OSN is to provide a space for visiting artists to work, collaborate, and explore. The residency is self-funded and includes lodging in a private bedroom in a single or shared apartment with kitchen, plus designated studio space in a communal, multi-use workspace.  At the end of each residency period, artists are invited to exhibit work or give a public presentation or workshop, reading, or film screening.  The work of each resident artist will also be featured in a periodical publication that documents each residency season.

We welcome artists working in all disciplines including drawing, painting, works on paper, artists’ books, printmaking, photography, film, fibers, sculpture and installation, and writing. We will do our best to accommodate artists’ needs, bearing in mind that we are in a rural location; therefore access to art supplies and materials is limited. We encourage artists to express in a proposal not only the scope of the project or work they would like to do while in residence, but also to specify what materials they wish to use so that we can assist artists in locating the materials they need. It is also advantageous to arrange for supplies to be sent or to bring them with you or to plan to work with simple materials at hand. 

We welcome artists who are interested in both short and long-term stays.

Officina Periferica Art Residency 2016

Center for Design Activism and Performing Arts
Mazara del Vallo

Off­icina Perifica presents the Artist Residency Program GROUND as part of the activities planned for 2016. The aims of this program are to contribute to the support of the Sicilian and Italian art scene by appraising its creativity and creating opportunities for professional and personal growth of emerging artists while off­ering the possibility to realize a project in the artist residency in Mazara del Vallo.

GROUND is the program of artist residencies published by Off­icina Periferica that aims to investigate the concept of which territory to base a common cultural project. The residency program was created to give space to art, culture, and creativity with the possibility of improving the cultural environment and the quality of life. The residency projects offer a reflection on the role that is attributed to themes such as the regeneration of urban space, the interaction with public space, and the participation of citizens in the cultural and social changes of the city.

Planeta for Art and Territory:
Viaggio In Sicilia - When The Landscape Listens

Around Sicily
Viaggi in Sicilia
Curator: Valentina Bruschi

By invitation of the curator, this project is a nomadic residency. It is a trip around Sicily, sleeping in the six Planeta estates on the island and visiting the vineyards, wineries, and the interesting cultural attractions, as well as some of the lesser known ones around these areas. After the trip, the artists return to their own studios so that the experience can sink in. The works are produced in approximately nine months for a group show that is organized the following spring in Palermo. Each time, a different location is chosen in order to bring a wider audience into particular spots of Palermo linked to the project. It is an ongoing project worth noting, not only for the project itself, but for Planeta's continual support of the arts.

Tenuta La Favola Bridge Art


This residency is situated outside of Noto on a beautiful wine estate and is open in January and February. It offers accommodations and a workspace. This is a fee-based residency.

This list was created Summer of 2016. Please to keep the list current.

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